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Aces High II

The second part of the popular video game that reproduces dog-fights between six countries has arrived, Aces High II.
If flying machines thrill you and you crave some of the spectacular adrenaline that comes from handling them, with Aces High II you can recreate this sensation and get into the thick of combat against different pilots who are all in search of the same thing to be the best.
With Aces High II you can simulate handling combat machines from the Second World War as well as land vehicles and warships. This is a multi-player platform that lets you face off against hundreds of players from different parts of the world. You can access different settings designed with special

pc game simulation

After Burner 3D Flight Simulator

In this remake you also fly an F-14 and although the pace is a bit slower you still get the same feeling as you did with the original.
AfterBurner 3D is a tribute to an arcade and later home console, classic. In the original, non-3D, version you got to fly an F-14 around while hordes of enemy fighters attempted to stop you.
Afterburner 3D is an excellent fanmade remake of SEGA's classic first-person shooter Afterburner. The game features excellent 3D graphics, great special effects, and even a nice soundtrack to round

pc game simulation

Apache AH-64 Air Assault

In this simulator the player controls an AH-64 Apache, the "primary attack Helicopter in the U.S. Arsenal".
That takes place in a conflict not unlike the one the world has been facing, and still is. It follows a unique storyline, that will lead the player through 30 missions to victory - given that he has the skills and the heart of a true-blue Air Force helicopter pilot!
On a recon operation to identify potential terrorist threats, it was discovered that a militant group known as 'The Solar Martyrs' may have nuclear weapons at their disposal. It was decided that a large-scale attack would prove risky, and so a small group of special forces was formed...It can be controlled from 5 different points of view, including 1st (inside the cockpit) and 3rd person ones. The on screen

pc game simulation

Attack on Pearl Harbor

At 07:53 in the morning of December 7, 1941 the Empire of Japan air-attacked the United States of America military base on Pearl Harbor.
Play as either nation - Legendo's Attack on Pearl Harbor provides players a unique, never-before-seen perspective on historyĆ¢??s greatest armed conflict by affording audiences the chance to play as either the USA or Japan.
This marked the beginning of a fierce struggle Between the United States of America and the Empire of Japan. In Attack on Pearl Harbor, players can sign up for either side as they are offered the role of daring US gunner turned pilot Douglas Knox or Japanese ace Zenji Yamada. History's yours to shape: Either nation can win the war depending on your actions as players battle for supremacy behind the cockpits of some of the most prolific fighters, bombers and torpedo-bearing aircraft of the WWII Pacific Theater.

pc game simulation

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII

Experience the most gripping and famous battles of WWII through the eyes of a squadron commander and ace fighter pilot.
From the Battle of Britain, through the dramatic air combat of Pearl Harbor, the Midway fierce fighting, and way back to Europe, to the battle of Berlin, your pilot skills will create WWII history. Dominate the skies of Western Europe, and the Pacific and bring back alive your squadron of Blazing Angels and it's heroes.
Fly up to 38 planes in single-player and multiplayer missions. Jump right into air combat action in planes such as the famous P-51 Mustang and the British Spitfire. Grow from an innocent rookie to a battle-scarred ace as you and your wingmen fight World War II's most legendary air battles.

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